Sunday, March 1, 2009


Me and Joy and Kady went to Ravine Gardens Saturday because Joy just bought a Nicon Camera with a Zoom Lens and she wanted to test it out.

It was such a beautiful day and there were lots of people there. Some of them were there for "Air Potato Rodeo" which I had never heard of, but it is when volunteers walk through the ravines and pick up wild potatoes that grow and their vines overtake everything. This helps keep them under control.
We didn't pick up any potatoes.
We also commented about how many people walked the Ravines, as we DROVE THROUGH WITH THE WINDOWS ROLLED UP AND THE A/C RUNNING ! ! !

Our hero of the day was a girl walking up a steep incline from the water gardens with her boyfriend. She had on HIGH HEELS and was TALKING ON A CELL PHONE ! ! ! We were impressed !! ! !
We Stopped along the way at the Slide and Swings so Kady could play. There was another lady there with her 3 grandchildren and they had a nice little picnic lunch spread out on a picnic table. Kady had been sliding and swinging
and playing with the little kids and their grandmother called her grandchildren over to eat their lunch. Kady watched them go and came over the Joy and said, "Mama what did you bring me to eat?" Well, Joy had to tell her we didn't bring anything, but would go to McDonalds and get some chicken nuggets. "GOOD FAST THINKING" ! ! ! !
That made Kady happy, so next time we will plan a picnic.

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Joy Tincher said...

this was funny. I like not participating in ravines activites but doing our own thing.