Sunday, March 1, 2009


Me and Joy and Kady went to Ravine Gardens Saturday because Joy just bought a Nicon Camera with a Zoom Lens and she wanted to test it out.

It was such a beautiful day and there were lots of people there. Some of them were there for "Air Potato Rodeo" which I had never heard of, but it is when volunteers walk through the ravines and pick up wild potatoes that grow and their vines overtake everything. This helps keep them under control.
We didn't pick up any potatoes.
We also commented about how many people walked the Ravines, as we DROVE THROUGH WITH THE WINDOWS ROLLED UP AND THE A/C RUNNING ! ! !

Our hero of the day was a girl walking up a steep incline from the water gardens with her boyfriend. She had on HIGH HEELS and was TALKING ON A CELL PHONE ! ! ! We were impressed !! ! !
We Stopped along the way at the Slide and Swings so Kady could play. There was another lady there with her 3 grandchildren and they had a nice little picnic lunch spread out on a picnic table. Kady had been sliding and swinging
and playing with the little kids and their grandmother called her grandchildren over to eat their lunch. Kady watched them go and came over the Joy and said, "Mama what did you bring me to eat?" Well, Joy had to tell her we didn't bring anything, but would go to McDonalds and get some chicken nuggets. "GOOD FAST THINKING" ! ! ! !
That made Kady happy, so next time we will plan a picnic.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

BEWARE ! ! !

Beware of your Title content, because I got two comments on my "Road Trip" blog. The first one was from Joy, and the second one was from someone I did not know that said:
Zaring Said.....
Gill Truck in Toronto offers Truck Towing Services with 24 Hour
Truck Towing and Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair.
This facility is the first choice by most commercial
accounts as their Fleet Service Provider

I guess my Road Trip title prompted this advertisement ! ! ! ! !

It would probably be best to never put anything too "Suggestive" in the Title! !

Sunday, January 25, 2009


The recent freezing temperatures really devastated some of the big plants around my yard. This plant usually towers about 15ft. Now it is flat ! ! !

It usually dies back some each winter from the frost and I cut back the dead leaves and it bounces back better than ever, so I hope it survives this ! ! !

This is a Rubeline Palm, I had always called it a Triple Trunk Palm. I had wanted one for so long and Benny got this one for me for Christmas. The once green beautiful limbs are now brown. Hopefully it will recover.

Talisa, Kaylee, Crystal and Ava Dawn helped me alot Sunday afternoon removing dead tree limbs and debris.

After the limbs were hauled away and the view was a little clearer into the woods, we discovered a little Monkey in the tree ! ! ! ! !

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Saturday morning me and Benny left town around 10:00 am and headed toward a little town called Maxville near Stark. There is a CB shop there and he needed some repair done to the CB he uses everyday in his log truck.

This is the area he is working in right now and he showed me the mill he goes to everyday, the woods he travels to, and he knows where every DOT is lurking.

I usually pride myself on knowing my directions pretty good, but we went down so many roads I was really turned around. We went through, Green Cove Springs, to Penny Farms, Maxville, McClenny, Lawtey, Stark, Keystone Heights.

While in the Starke area I decided to show him where I lived when I was 16 and the Church Daddy preached at which is about 4 miles from Raiford State Prison.

When we passed the Prison, it was just like the movies, High barbed wire fences with the razor wire on top and hundreds of men in the yard, doing exactly what you would expect, some playing basketball, some running a makeshift tract, many different groups just talking. It was the first time I had actually seen something like this in person.

Our little day trip was really enjoyable. I know most people prefer the Interstates, but we have seen alot of interesting towns and scenery going the backroads.

Maybe on our next trip he won't take me to a Prison..........

Thursday, January 15, 2009


CVS had the remainder of their Christmas stuff 90% off ! ! ! ! !
I really did not want to store more christmas paper, but I ended up getting 5 rolls at .29 cents a piece ! ! ! ! ! This christmas paper was originally $2.99 each! ! !
The guy ringing up the paper said "I guess this is why we don't sell much christmas paper before Christmas, because everybody stocks up after Christmas" I said "yes you are probably right ! ! ! Then he said "Do you want a Bag, because I don't think we have any that will fit, but a Bungee cord would work ( just like a guy). Well, I didn't happen to have a "bungee cord" so I said, "I'll just carry them ! ! !
I also got a little wind up Santa and Snowman for .19 cents each, and a High school Musical ornament fill with candy for .15, which I am giving to Crystal, because it has a picture of "Troy" on it.
Anyway, my total was $2.44 and at the bottom of the receipt it said "Today you saved $21.14. This made me very happy, while I was rolling all the new paper under my bed ! ! !

Monday, January 12, 2009


The girls spent Saturday night with me and Benny ! ! !
It was a great opportunity to take another "group" shot ! ! !
The hardest part is trying to figure out what everybody will eat. Benny fixed
corn dogs, fishsticks, hotdogs and the old standby, FRENCH FRIES ! ! !
And of course, there is always a steady supply of chocolate, chips, popcorn and cokes. (we really do not eat that unhealthly all the time ! ! ! )
I did do a little better Sunday morning and fixed Pancakes...
They had fun trying to teach Kady to say their names, but she referred to them as "Them Girls".
Sunday morning we all got ready and went to Nana and Gackys house for Church. They were excited to go to Sunday School.
Afterwards we all went to Corky Bells for Nana's birthday Dinner, then back to her house for cake and icecream.
Who knows, I may do this again in a couple months ! ! ! !

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Decorating

Well, this past Saturday afternoon was mine and Benny's attempt to decorate our yard for the Holidays. Half the lights on the deer did not work so I had to add another string. I want to put a red nose on the deer, but that will probably be another weekend project....

A Couple of Years ago, two of my granddaughters, Talisa and Crystal started helping me put up my Christmas Tree. The thought of bending over, sorting thru, and sticking over 100 limbs into a tree trunk did not set too well with my back.......

So....... they did such a great job that year, both of them, plus Kaylee and Ava Dawn, have done it every year since..... All you have to do is have plenty of drinks and potato chips as an incentive ! ! ! !