Thursday, January 15, 2009


CVS had the remainder of their Christmas stuff 90% off ! ! ! ! !
I really did not want to store more christmas paper, but I ended up getting 5 rolls at .29 cents a piece ! ! ! ! ! This christmas paper was originally $2.99 each! ! !
The guy ringing up the paper said "I guess this is why we don't sell much christmas paper before Christmas, because everybody stocks up after Christmas" I said "yes you are probably right ! ! ! Then he said "Do you want a Bag, because I don't think we have any that will fit, but a Bungee cord would work ( just like a guy). Well, I didn't happen to have a "bungee cord" so I said, "I'll just carry them ! ! !
I also got a little wind up Santa and Snowman for .19 cents each, and a High school Musical ornament fill with candy for .15, which I am giving to Crystal, because it has a picture of "Troy" on it.
Anyway, my total was $2.44 and at the bottom of the receipt it said "Today you saved $21.14. This made me very happy, while I was rolling all the new paper under my bed ! ! !

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Joy Tincher said...

I'm glad you bought lots of paper so you can wrap all my presents next year. Congrats on getting a good deal.