Saturday, January 24, 2009


Saturday morning me and Benny left town around 10:00 am and headed toward a little town called Maxville near Stark. There is a CB shop there and he needed some repair done to the CB he uses everyday in his log truck.

This is the area he is working in right now and he showed me the mill he goes to everyday, the woods he travels to, and he knows where every DOT is lurking.

I usually pride myself on knowing my directions pretty good, but we went down so many roads I was really turned around. We went through, Green Cove Springs, to Penny Farms, Maxville, McClenny, Lawtey, Stark, Keystone Heights.

While in the Starke area I decided to show him where I lived when I was 16 and the Church Daddy preached at which is about 4 miles from Raiford State Prison.

When we passed the Prison, it was just like the movies, High barbed wire fences with the razor wire on top and hundreds of men in the yard, doing exactly what you would expect, some playing basketball, some running a makeshift tract, many different groups just talking. It was the first time I had actually seen something like this in person.

Our little day trip was really enjoyable. I know most people prefer the Interstates, but we have seen alot of interesting towns and scenery going the backroads.

Maybe on our next trip he won't take me to a Prison..........


Joy Tincher said...

This proves my point that you will only go on a trip spur of the moment. Glad you had fun.

Zaring said...

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