Monday, January 12, 2009


The girls spent Saturday night with me and Benny ! ! !
It was a great opportunity to take another "group" shot ! ! !
The hardest part is trying to figure out what everybody will eat. Benny fixed
corn dogs, fishsticks, hotdogs and the old standby, FRENCH FRIES ! ! !
And of course, there is always a steady supply of chocolate, chips, popcorn and cokes. (we really do not eat that unhealthly all the time ! ! ! )
I did do a little better Sunday morning and fixed Pancakes...
They had fun trying to teach Kady to say their names, but she referred to them as "Them Girls".
Sunday morning we all got ready and went to Nana and Gackys house for Church. They were excited to go to Sunday School.
Afterwards we all went to Corky Bells for Nana's birthday Dinner, then back to her house for cake and icecream.
Who knows, I may do this again in a couple months ! ! ! !


Joy Tincher said...

How does next weekend sound? Just Kidding.

The Clifton 6 said...

Yah, me too!! Heehee! Just joking, really!