Sunday, January 25, 2009


The recent freezing temperatures really devastated some of the big plants around my yard. This plant usually towers about 15ft. Now it is flat ! ! !

It usually dies back some each winter from the frost and I cut back the dead leaves and it bounces back better than ever, so I hope it survives this ! ! !

This is a Rubeline Palm, I had always called it a Triple Trunk Palm. I had wanted one for so long and Benny got this one for me for Christmas. The once green beautiful limbs are now brown. Hopefully it will recover.

Talisa, Kaylee, Crystal and Ava Dawn helped me alot Sunday afternoon removing dead tree limbs and debris.

After the limbs were hauled away and the view was a little clearer into the woods, we discovered a little Monkey in the tree ! ! ! ! !

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Joy Tincher said...

That was a funny blog! Something I would not think to write about. I'm not sure what plants I even have in my yard. Also, the picture of Crystal in the tree reminded me of BO. You should post that one zoomed in and then the one of bo in the tree right in front of the house.